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General Practice  

Our clinic offers a wide array of services including:


  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Women's Health

  • Men's Health

  • Pediatrics Medicine

  • Geriatric Medicine

  • Travel Medicine

  • Sport Medicine

  • Urgent Care

  • Mental Health

  • TAC 

  • Work Cover 


  • Small Surgeries and procedures (Skin lacerations, Finger injury, sebaceous cyst removal, Skin biopsy, Skin cancer removal)

  • Post Surgery Care

  • Initial fracture management

  • Chronic wound care

  • Implanon insertion and removal


  • Children Vaccination

  • Travel Vaccination

  • Covid 19 Vaccination

  • Flu Vaccination

  • Shingles Vaccination

Preventive Medicine

  • Cardiac Checkup

  • Age 75 above Checkup

  • Care plans

Our friendly GP is ready to help you. Please click online booking or call our Clinic on 03-98077338 to book your appointment.

Immunization/Vaccine Centre

We are a Vaccination Centre, Our nurse specializes in immunization (nurse immunizer) and is qualified to provide almost all types of vaccination for Adults and Children. 

Our vaccine includes:

  • Flu Vaccine (Government Funded or private)

  • Covid-19 Vaccine (Pfizer)

  • Travel Vaccine

  • Shingles Vaccine

  • Pneumonia Vaccine

  • Children Vaccine

  • Catchup Vaccine


We also provide services like Upload Overseas Vaccine Evidence to AIR.

There is no GAP fee charged for vaccines only, even you are a private patient (must hold a medicare card)

If you request the above vaccination service, please call our clinic at 03-98077338 to make an appointment



Allied Health

Ms Angel Lau is an experienced diabetes educator, who can provide services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Please contact our clinic to book an appointment with her

We are currently recruiting allied health to work with us to provide a wider array of services to community. 

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